multi-functional trading platform

MetaTrader 5是目前进入外汇市场和外汇交易市场的最佳平台。 对于任何重视现代舒适交易平台的交易商来说,MetaTrader 5都是绝佳选择。与MetaTrader 4相比,MetraTrader 5已大大改进。 它拥有更多高级图表和分析工具以及更多时间框架(包括2分钟和8小时)。 已添加经济日历,电子邮件系统现在可发送附件和场内交易。 同样重要的是,在投资工具和交易方法方面,MetaTrader 5提供更多的交易方式。



Now the development environment can be launched directly from the terminal, and new programs automatically appear in MetaTrader 5.

Hedging system

MarketBullish has opted for the hedging mode system of the MetaTrader 5, which allows traders to have multiple positions for a trading instrument, including exact opposite ones.

Fundamental analysis

Traders can take advantage of an inbuilt forex calendar on MetaTrader 5, with news events, expected impacts, and forecasts included.

MetaQuotes Language 5

Several limitations of MQL4 have been eliminated in a new language and the number of functions and graphical objects has increased.

Charts & timeframes

All charts are created based on one-minute intervals, which allows up to 21 timeframes to be used simultaneously and the quotes history to be stored in a compact form.

Indicators & analytical object tools

MetaTrader 5 offers 38 inbuilt indicators, 22 analytical tools and 46 graphical objects, equipping traders with additional features to boost their trading experience.


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