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fx-lite MAT the solutions for money managers

marketbullish fx-lite MAT software is designed specifically for Money Managers that utilise the MetaTrader 5 platform. This software gives Money Manager the ability to easily send trades from a master account to a sub account from a centralised hub. The reason this software has become popular is due to the flexibility offered from a range of allocation methods; including manual lot size and percentile methods.

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Gone are the days of keeping 20 trading platforms open at the same time. When you’re trying to buy USD/JPY and you have to do it in 20 accounts, it takes several minutes to place the trade for all your clients. That kind of poor execution is terrible for you and your customers.

The FX-Lite MAT saves you time and effort by bringing all of your trading accounts under a single umbrella. You can manage all of customer orders from one charting platform. Your next big order will be done with 2 mouse clicks instead of 60.

Advantages of FX-Lite MAT

  • Manage unlimited accounts from one open instance
  • Full charts, reporting history and everything you expect to find with MetaTrader 5.
  • Supports full, mini and micro lots for maximum precision with your position sizing
  • Flexible profit Sharing and Trading Environment
  • Fast processing time and MAM Linkage
  • EA Trading is allowed
  • and many more

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