A regional MarketBullish office is a profitable partnership option for anyone who wants to promote trading services in their region. This opportunity allows our partners to deliver local and customized experience and services to their clients. The programme is mostly directed to our IB partners who can upgrade their level of partnership with us and gain additional advantages, such as higher remuneration rates and higher level of independence. We believe that our Regional Representative have better understanding of the local legal proceedings, laws and regulations and the system of doing business in their own area and this is their biggest guarantee for success.

what we offers?

We support our regional offices with everything they need to set up their local business and not only. MarketBullish provides consulting services, promotional materials and own budgets, as well as direct contact with clients for faster and more accurate support. We assist our Regional Representatives with all technical matters, implementation and integration of local services (such as most popular payment systems in the region) to help optimize their business performance. Our partners get the freedom to set their own business model – organize seminars, webinars and events which they consider profitable and relevant for the specific market’s needs. Take advantage of working under the globally trusted and recognizable MarketBullish brand.

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