Use the wisdom of the experts to grow your funds

Financial markets offer limitless opportunities. Let experienced traders manage your investment for you, while you still keep control. Our PAMM service allows you to earn in the Forex market without the need to trade independently, by investing funds with experienced traders. The traders who manage the PAMM accounts will manage your investments, receiving a percentage of the profit they make for you.

MarketBullish offers high performance multi account manager solutions that can be customized to your trading needs. We have teamed up with TTFX to create our superior MAM console. With our MAMs, the administrative side is taken care of by us leaving you to excel in your trade management.

Professional money managers that choose to partner with MarketBullish for their MAM/PAMM solution can leverage off the transparent and world class reputation that MarketBullish holds within the industry. Our trading conditions, infrastructure and liquidity partners are renowned amongst forex brokers and prospective forex traders alike.

why choose our MAM?

If you’re a professional money manager then you understand the importance of partnering with a trusted forex broker to oversee the executions on your accounts. With a proven track record of working with MAM/PAMM account managers on our world class infrastructure and trading conditions, MarketBullish are an obvious choice.

The MarketBullish MAM solution has been carefully tested to deliver stability, flexibility and speed of execution to all professional account managers. The number of professional traders using our platform to trade is a testament to the reputation that MarketBullish has built in the money management space.

Make an intelligent choice and choose MarketBullish for your Multi Account Manager Solution.

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